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Brand : Muskoka
Model : MUK1069
SKU : MUK1069

Price : $298.99
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Product Features

MUK1069 Delaney 48" TV Stand with Fireplace by Muskoka

The Delaney 48″ TV Stand with Electric Fireplace combines functionality with contemporary furniture styling. With a distinctive design, it accommodates TV’s up to 55″ as well as DVD players and other media components. The side cabinets provide ample storage and easy access. This electric fireplace heats up to 400 square feet with 4600 BTUS of fan forced air heat and comes equipped with a 8 stage timer and 13 thermostatic temperature adjustments. The LCD control panel displays your settings and…

  • TV Size Accommodated: 48
  • Drawers Included: Yes
  • Cabinets Included: Yes
  • Number of Cabinets: 2
  • Assembly Required: Yes

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Product Information

Muskoka Delaney 48" TV Stand with Fireplace MUK1069 MUK1069

Product Name : Delaney 48" TV Stand with Fireplace
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
Product Sub-Group#2 : Heating & Grills
Product Categories : All Indoor Fireplaces TV Stand Fireplace
Product Model : Muskoka MUK1069

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