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Brand : GoldenVantage
Model : WF-FP0022-GV
SKU : GDVT1091
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Price : $169.99
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Product Features

WF-FP0022-GV Wall Mount Electric Fireplace by GoldenVantage

Fill a room with warmth and the mellow glow of a fireplace with the Golden Vantage wall mount electric fireplace. Avoid messy clean ups, soot, smoke, and a myriad of other headaches with this unit. Built from strong steel and tempered glass, this elec…

  • Overall: 22.04” H x 35.6” W x 5.19” D
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Maximum BTU Output: 5200BTU

Are you looking the online world to buy a heater or perhaps a heating system for your garage, lounge or shop? There are many very good online sites to purchase out the a good heater which includes GoldenVantage WF-FP0022-GV Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. Space Heaters: Space heaters usually are available in a number of dimensions, and are excellent substitutes on the large heating system systems. Dependant on your home heating needs and energy source, you should use electric, gas or gas space heating units. The WF-FP0022-GV All Indoor Fireplaces Wall Mounted by GoldenVantage includes more attribute, and is designed to be used inside your modern property.

Product Information

GoldenVantage Wall Mount Electric Fireplace WF-FP0022-GV GDVT1091

Product Name : Wall Mount Electric Fireplace
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
Product Sub-Group#2 : Heating & Grills
Product Categories : Indoor Fireplaces
Product Model : GoldenVantage WF-FP0022-GV

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