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Brand : Weber
Model : 6661
SKU : WBE1051
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Price : $8.99
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Product Features

6661 Original Silicone Basting Brush by Weber

-Original silicone basting brush
-Bristles are designed to hold the maximum amount of sauce
-Soft touch handles are comfortable
-Dishwasher safe
-Product Type: Basting brush
-Collection: Original
-Finish: Silicone
-Distressed: No
-Powder Coat…
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Product Information

Weber Original Silicone Basting Brush 6661 WBE1051

Product Name : Original Silicone Basting Brush
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Furniture
Product Sub-Group#2 : Heating & Cooling
Product Categories : Tools & Utensils
Product Model : Weber 6661

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